The inspiration behind Bonita Swimwear comes from every inch of my soul,. As a child, I spent every hour of the day possible in a bikini near a local beach or  pool.

Each Bonita piece is handpicked by myself.  Bonita Swimwear is not mass produced, so that means that your little bikini is one of only a limited number that will ever be made in that style, size and colour! 

The name Bonita comes from the spanish word "beautiful" as each individual piece and each one of our customers are beautiful inside and out. 

My inspiration behind Bonita is 80s inspired. I love the era and believe the style should never fade. The high cut bikinis suit everyone from tall to short,  skinny to curvy.

Summer is about embracing the sunshine, splashing around in the waves and eating ice cream, not being on a budget for a new bikini. It is with this mantra I hope to deliver to you an affordable, luxurious, beautiful and entirely delightful bikini. 

I hope that your summers are long and your hearts stay warm. 


All my love 

Angieee XO